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Which EndoType Are You?

Environmental toxins, poor lifestyle habits, genetic predispositions, and nutrient-poor diets cause your glands to become tired, then sick, then injured. When this happens, we gain weight in very specific places and experience predictable symptom patterns.

Complete the Questionnaire

The Endocrine Type Questionnaire has 56 questions and takes only 10 minutes to complete. The patient scores it using the Body Composition Scoring Sheet and brings it to the visit.

Tally the Questionnaire

Once you have completed the EndoType Questionnaire, score it! The EndoType Scoring Sheet(s) are available in male and female to help understand your unique body composition pattern.

Get Your Report

Bring your completed EndoType Questionnaire and EndoType Scoring Sheet to your office visit to receive your individualized report. Your report contains a customized smoothie, supplement and herb plan, and answers to why you are experiencing symptoms and gaining weight.